The Old Man in 'The Spit'

Thanks to spare time, and Google earth, we stumbled upon this doozy!

new inlet

It was all beach from 3rd to 4th cliff until that storm....[/caption]

In 1898, the Portland Gale reeked havoc on the east coast, and particularly, Massachusetts. While we all appreciate and love 'The Spit'™, it was created by the storm, and is essentially all the sand that was there between 3rd and 4th cliffs! Until November 28th, 1898,one could walk or horseback from Scituate to Humarock, all along the coast!

'The Spit' courtesy of Google Earth..

'The Spit' courtesy of Google Earth..[/caption]


The Portland Gale was named after the US Portland..a steamship which was lost in the storm while carrying 65 crew members, and 127 passengers...

We think we found the missing captain....

Captain Hollis Blanchard is ..........




hollis B