Summer 2020 is HERE!!

OMG, and do we need it after this lousy weather, covid coated spring...

We here in the northern hemisphere, pine for summer pretty much from daylight savings to daylight savings... it's a brutal stretch that only the strongest (meaning; those that don't ski, and/or have $ to escape to the tropics or the southwest) can survive....Well warriors..... You've made it!

Here Are The *Premier Weekend Tides For 'The Spit' for Summer 2020:

  • June 27th & 28th
  • July 4th & 5th,18th,25th
  • August 1st, 9th, 15th,16th,22nd,29th,30th

Quite frankly the last two dates on the list are the absolute best...... but again - this is the weekend list! Believe us... we are NOT looking that far ahead by any means..

Always refer to our TIDE CHARTS for information about weekday tides and sun set times.

  • Premier in our opinion, are the days that offer the most sand exposure over the most common times.