Pumpkin Chucking

The victims...

When SPitDUDeS first heard the term: 'Pumpkin Chucking'  we really weren't sure what the heck it meant..... we envisioned a bunch of hill billies in flannel and overalls tossing pumpkins around a corn field with a pile of beer cans next to them.

Finally we were invited to watch some local pumpkin chuckers practice and prepare for  the Punkin Chuckin tournament in Delaware.

When we arrived, there was very little  flannel, no hill billies and only a few beer cans. In fact, what we saw was a fairly technical contraption with some serious engineering behind it.

The Fibonacchi 2 chucking team has set the world record for distance in the catapault category, with a pumpkin chuck of 2,862 feet which they did in 2006.

With the applied mathematical formulas of fibonacci, along with some originality , the local Pumpkin Chucking team Fibonacci 2 seems to have a stranglehold on the competition!

Check them out this Thanksgiving at 8PM on the Science Channel