4th of July on the "Spit"

The 4th of July is usually a day crazy partying and fun. If you are in a good weather pattern, and the tides are going out, the Spit is a great place to spend the holiday afternoon before heading out to see fireworks that evening. (some will park their boats off the coast of Humarock and watch the local/amateur firework shows.) Several years ago, while at the 'Spit' on July 4th, there was a bagpipe player out there with an American Flag in tow, marching-and playing. As he marched down the beach playing, people applauded and some rose as he passed by. It was a moment that I wont forget. Ultimate tailgating is the only way to describe the 4th of July on the Spit. You sun, you eat, you play various beach games, and you listen to the Red Sox, and you relax as you deserve to, on such a great holiday. dcp_4828