2009 Bocce Ball Standings

2009 Bocce Standings:

  • Andy 21-15
  • Frank 23-17
  • Timmy 8-6 (not updated)
  • Macca 6-4 (not updated)
  • Todd 18-24
  • Fred 3-2

*****BREAKING NEWS- (AP)-8-22-2009--Andy wins the mini 3 man tournament, beating Todd twice and Fred once, improving his season record to 19-11.

***BREAKING NEWS- (AP)-8-15-2009-- Todd rips off 9 wins in a row!!

    ***BREAKING NEWS- (AP)-8-3-2009-- In a mixed, co-ed, doubles game today, Frank and Jill whipped Todd and Andy's sorry asses 11-0. It took only four frames to get the job done, and in the rematch Jill and Frank won again. Andy and Todd were not on their games, as Todd woke up in a car at 4AM and Andy's breakfast consisted of a couple of beers and a mild sedative.

Update - 7/31/09

Andy picked up a new set of balls at Olympia Sports.